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What is a Personal Constellation? 

A Personal Constellation is probably the most effective tool for healing our personal history and harmonizing our internal dialogues.

As a Primal psychotherapist, for more than 30 years, I have not known a more powerful healing experience when it comes to balancing the emotional world of the individual.

Videos in Spanish of Personal and Family Constellations

Individual or group therapy?
Personal Constellations are facilitated in a group and are a novel bridge between Conventional Psychology and the modern Transpersonal Psychotherapies.

Face-to-face or Online?
The ideal is to do the constellation face-to-face, but it can also be done remotely, although it is less effective.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Personal Constellations and Family Constellations from the Primal perspective can be «BLIND«.
That means that only the facilitator and the one doing his/her constellation know what is being worked on. No one else knows the problem that is being exposed, nor do the representatives know what they are representing.
For this reason, a blind constellation can be almost as private as an individual session.

What are they for?
A Personal Constellation reduces significantly the number of psychotherapy sessions, by giving meaning to the events of our life and solving the fragmentation caused by the underlying traumas.
In this methodology, a specific dynamic is applied that complements perfectly the work of Family Constellations and other modern therapeutic approaches, preventing, improving and solving a wide range of psychological and physical problems:

Have you done several Family Constellations and some issues have resist to be solved?
A Personal Constellation harmonizes the inner dialogues of our personal history by representing the stages of our life, from early childhood to the present, using the same «scenario» of the Family Constellations, «The Knowing Field». It is the ideal complement to a Family Constellation.
Many traumas and blockages that we are suffering have their roots in the history of our family. However it is not less important to «cure» the roots of our personal history.

Ángel Primal has facilitated more than 2,700 Family and Personal Constellations from the Primal perspective (2003 – 2022) and has been training in Personal Constellations since 2015.

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