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The testimonials express positive experiences of participating in Family and Personal Constellations workshops facilitated by Angel Primal. The participants describe the workshops as transformative, with some even saying they feel like they have traveled back in time to heal past traumas. They express gratitude for Angel’s guidance and professionalism, and some participants report feeling more at peace and in a new internal state of love and patience after attending the workshops. Overall, the testimonials are a testament to the transformative power of Family and Personal Constellations and the positive impact they can have on individuals’ lives.

  • It is not easy to put my experience into words. The depth and breadth of the learning is astonishing… (Angel Primal Workshops)

  • It is amazing and magical how Family Constellations get us into the skin of people that we have not met before… (Angel Primal Workshops)

  • Family Constellations provided me with an invaluable possibility to solve very deep blocks that were affecting my life… (Angel Primal Workshops)


It is like having had the opportunity to travel to the past in a «Delorian» and having been able to experience, recognize and heal the stages of my life that have most influenced me in my present …


I have done training in different therapies and different techniques, but none with the intensity of this training …


Thank you, Angel, for your involvement, dedication and professionalism.
Thanks to all the participants for your generosity. In June I’ll be there accompanying my daughters …


I have been invited on many occasions to a Family Constellations workshop, but I felt that was not my thing, until that one day when someone told me of a workshop that was to be facilitated in Murcia (Spain)
I didn’t ask who was the facilitator, but I felt that I had to go, that was some time ago (about 4 years).
Being there, I saw a extraordinary facilitator, whom I trust by his knowing.
The energies move with ease with him and he can get the best out of each participant.


Angel, in all this time doing constellations and representing, I have learned a lot from you and I hope to continue learning. I will always be grateful for all who has helped me and my family in this process .
I encourage everyone to live this experience. Only then you can understand and share.
Greetings to all …


Good afternoon Angel, First of all I want to thank you with all my heart for your help, your teaching, your love and so many things that you transmit.
You are again a being of light in my path, at a time where I was lost and dipped in a deep storm, and not knowing well where to follow.
Is is not a coincidence that you cross back into my path.


I want to thank you for your generous heart in the name of all who want to move forward on our paths and we need help and inspiration.
Since we finished the workshop, I am in a new internal stadium that can only be describe as of pure love and peace, full of serenity, with a road well marked, knowing what I’m doing, with all my responsibility, an accepting beforehand all that will occur… transforming all those egos, fears, indecision, anguish,… into a state of tranquility and patience, flowing with love, peace, security, acceptance, no matter what the result will be.


I feel internally with a light of myself, as if I was discovering a new way of living, even though a great effort is required to leave my previous way of living to spot something so beautiful.
I feel deeply grateful with all and I want to make you part of this wonderful experience.
I wish you to be «happy» with all my heart and to have me in your diary for anything that you may need.
A big hug.


It is amazing and magical how Family Constellations get us into the skin of people that we have not met before,
and how that deep «immersion» makes us to understand others, unable to judge, and feeling that you touched that character, because something echoes in you.


Is is impossible to remain indifferent with all the movement of energy and all the changes, immediate or progressive.
Thank you Angel for your loving and firm way of guiding us, and to all those who are there sharing the road of life …

Angel, in my name and the name of my daughter Leila, we give you thanks for being what you feel.
Thanks to this workshop, the two of us can enjoy life today and we were able to resolve conflicts that created tensions and discomfort.
Family Constellations work with very subtle energies, even the missing people notice clear changes after. It is magic, a lovely magic… I want to say thanks also to all the people that participated with such a humanity and astonishing naturalness.
It is a beautiful feeling to be able to concretice what we abstractly call UNITY.
Thank you …


I have participated on several occasions in workshops of Family Constellations with Angel,
sometimes just representing and others doing my constellation.
I have to say that, at all times, it has been a very beautiful experience for me.
Family Constellations provided me with an invaluable possibility to solve very deep locks that were affecting my life, and heal and recover the energy lost, and return to the freedom that we are.
In addition, you have the opportunity to collaborate in the healing of others.
But it is not only a source of healing, but a wonderful opportunity to strengthen ties with others and of learning.
The climate that is generated is of a sweet intimacy and rapport.
All this, wisely directed by Angel’s warm hand and his rich experience, makes the constellations in a true gift to the soul.
I am very grateful to have you found in my path.
Thank you, Angel.


It was my first experience, both doing my Constellation and representing, and it was wonderful.
Angel is a great professional who knows how to guide you along the way.
He is a being full of light, energy and intuition…
I have experienced love, forgiveness and great peace with participants I had not met before the workshop.
I was able to understand many things in my Constellation.
Thanks to Angel and to the people who helped me in this process.
I recommend this therapy to anyone who have conflicts or is sick.
We carry many things that do not belong to us. When we lighten them, life is better and more pleasant.
Thank you and see you soon!


Thank you, I only feel gratitude. Thanks to you Angel and to everyone
who made possible for me to live the most important release of my life.
At this moment, I really have no words. Thank you.
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How many times we strive to be happy? struggling without knowing against what or who.
And then someone speaks to you about Family Constellations and you do not believe it.
How are those participants going to know you or your ancestors?
And yet what happens in a Family Constellations is magical, the energy moving, the generosity of the participants.
It is transformation and healing in action, and the wonderful and intuitive hand of Angel helping us all.
I can say that it works and sometimes we need to go back to our grandparents and great-grandparents to understand how to straighten our lives.
So far, I have done two Constellations and participated in many others and it has always been a personal and shared work that was worth it …


Thanks Angel for sharing and guiding my Constellation.
I am already having a change in my life.
I am thankful to this wonderful tool that has allowed me to heal and start to live in peace and give meaning to my life. I went with an idea about what I was going to work, but once there I saw clearly what was happening
and how my mind was cheating on me.
Thanks to the Constellation my life is changing.
I am accepting and integrating, though I know I still have to make some silence with my heart to be able to place myself in life.


My experience was very positive. How a group of people who have never seen before were able to feel such a complicity and good mind-blowing vibes.
The generosity of everyone who participated or did his/her Constellation was impressive.
Angel is a person who transmits sweetness and a wonderful and intuitive ability.
I would recommend this workshop to everyone who need a plus in their life.
Thanks Angel for everything and all the friendly fellows in the workshop.
See you soon.


Angel, thanks to you… to all of you… for opening new horizons in my life.
After seven years, I feel that my burden is less and that my reality is more lightweight, even within its rawness. More than hope or trust, I have the security that it will all flow.
A big kiss.


It was an extraordinary experience, to connect only with what I felt in that moment and disconnected from thoughts,
to tell what I never said and to hear what I always longed for.
Without the warmth of the people that participated and the therapist, it would had been very difficult to connect with my heart and my soul.
It has brought me peace of mind and a new horizon. Thanks to all.