Find Your Soulmate

The Quest of a Lifetime to Meet your Soulmate in the Caribean

Magical Encounters
in the Caribbean

The Puerto Viejo area in the Caribean coast is a magical place where more than 70 different nationalities coexist.

Faced with such a variety of cultures, the opportunity arises to meet at another level of communication.

"Find Your Soulmate" is a weekend program aimed at single individuals who want to find someone really special, and it is also oriented to couples who want to harmonize and elevate their relationship to another level of communication.

In these encounters, the Primal perspective is applied in confluence with the "Knowing Field" of the Family Constellations.

During the last 18 years, Angel Primal have facilitated numerous workshops and over 2,000 Family Constellations oriented to all kinds of personal and professional relationships (family, couples, work, projects,..).
There are numerous testimonials here (2003-2021)

The "Find Your Soulmate" meetings are oriented exclusively to couple relationships, and singles and couples are welcome.
There is a 10% discount when attending two.

To facilitate meetings between similar ages, we have divided the workshops into three categories limited by age:
20 to 35 - 
30 to 55 - Over 50

Encuentros Mágicos
en el Caribe

La zona de Puerto Viejo en la costa del Caribe es un lugar mágico donde conviven más de 70 nacionalidades diferentes.

Ante tal variedad de culturas, surge la oportunidad de conocer y encontrarse en otro nivel de comunicación.

Find your Soulmate es un programa de fin de semana orientado a individuos sin pareja que desean encontrar alguien realmente especial y también a parejas que desean armonizar y elevar su relación a otro nivel de comunicación.

En estos encuentros, se aplica la perspectiva Primal en confluencia con el Campo de Conocimiento - Knowing Field - de las Constelaciones Familiares.

Durante los últimos 18 años, Angel Primal ha facilitado numerosos talleres y más de 2.000 Constelaciones Familiares orientadas a toda clase de relaciones personales y profesionales (familiares, parejas, trabajo, proyectos,...).
Hay numerosos testimonios en este enlace (2003-2021)

Los encuentros "Find Your Soulmate" están orientados exclusivamente a las relaciones de pareja, y tanto las parejas como las personas solteras son bienvenidas. 
Hay un 10% de descuento cuando asisten dos personas.

Para facilitar los encuentros entre edades similares, hemos dividido los talleres en tres categorias limitadas por la edad:
De 20 a 35 - De 30 a 55 - Mayores de 50

Age group: 20 to 35

Age group: 30 to 55

Age group: Over 50

Couples or singles?

Is it a meeting aimed at couples or single people?
Both, singles and couples who want to improve their relationship.
Problems between couples are often rooted in their family history. When the family entanglement is resolved, the relationship reaches another level.
The same goes for single people who repeat the same type of relationship over and over again and can not find the right partner.
Solving the family history opens a window to find a more satisfying relationship.

¿Parejas o personas solteras?

¿Es un encuentro orientado a parejas o personas solteras?
Es un encuentro para solteros y parejas que quieran mejorar su relación.
Los problemas entre parejas suelen estar arraigados en sus antecedentes familiares. Cuando se resuelve el enredo familiar, la relación de pareja alcanza otro nivel.
Lo mismo sucede con las personas solteras que repiten el mismo tipo de relación una y otra vez y no encentran la pareja adecuada. Al resolver la historia familiar se abre una ventana a una relación más satisfactoria.

Money Back Guarantee

We have chosen Puerto Viejo in the Caribbean coast to promote the program "Find your Soulmate" for being a special place where more than 70 different nationalities coexist.
Faced with such a variety of cultures, the opportunity arises to meet and get to know each other at another level of communication.
The "Find your Soulmate" meetings are directed by Ángel Primal, psychotherapist with more than 18 years of experience facilitating workshops and training in Spain. (Testimonials)
The meetings take place during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and, to ensure the quality of the program, the organization makes a selection of all participants.
In the same way, each participant can cancel his/her participation during the first hours of the workshop and recover all his/her investment - Money Back Guarantee - (No questions asked).