Secrets of the United Nations
An executive director of the United Nations reveals how they are a platform for criminals, who use the UN to abuse humanity for their own enrichment.
Monopoly – Who owns the world?
A masterpiece documentary showing how almost everything on earth is owned by one single corporation, who uses it’s power to control governments around the world.
Grand Jury Evidence
Experts from the World Health Organization, United Nations, UK and US military and a host of other witnesses testify before a Grand Jury about the existence of financial elites who plan to enslave the human race.
Bill Gates Controls the World
A man without medical training has been appointed as the world’s #1 medical authority, responsible for vaccinating all of humanity. See how Bill Gates operates as a true world dictator. Also watch the banned Bill Gates video…
World Health Organization
The World Health Organization is a private organization, owned by private individuals, who use it as an effective one world government, to dictate health, education, and media policies to all the governments of the world.
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