Meet Your Soulmate in Primal Community

An Interactive Platform oriented towards Freedom, Individual Sovereignty and Relationships. We are part of «Mighty Networks,» a modern all-in-one paid platform with functions like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc. «Comunidades Libres» and «Soberanía Financiera» are paid platforms, but joining the «Meet Your Soulmate» space of Primal Community is FREE, Enter and request an invitation […]

Meet Your Soulmate in Tenerife

Meet Your Holistic Soulmate in the Canary Islands: Unleashing the Power of Family Constellations. The Canary Islands, renowned for their natural beauty and serene ambiance, offer an ideal setting to embark on a holistic journey. In this article, we will explore how Family Constellations, a powerful approach to resolving family issues, can help open your […]

AI-Tools Monica   ………………….. LINKS AND VIDEOS   – – – GTP for Sheets (Chrome ext)   –   –     Collection of Top AI Tools   HERRAMIENTAS DE INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL VALIDADAS POR LOS USUARIOS Y LOS FORMADORES Prueba Gratuita Adcopy AI Vende más con tus […]

VIRUS: the nature of viral contagion is wrong

  The GreenMedInfo Daily Newsletter July 31st, 2023 What if everything you’ve ever been told about viruses and the nature of viral contagion is wrong? In my talk going LIVE TODAY for The End of COVID educational series, I share with you an explanation of contagious disease that you’ve never heard before, but which helps to resolve […]

El Camino de Santiago: A Soul Journey to Meet Your Soulmate

EMAIL: CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – SPAIN Dear Madam/Sir I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out regarding an exciting opportunity we’re currently considering. It involves organizing an event titled: «El Camino de Santiago: A Soul Journey to Meet Your Soulmate.». We came across your organization and believe that collaborating with an […]

Ya está aquí el colapso financiero mundial

ENLACES AL FINAL / LINKS AT THE END Nos encontramos ya en el semestre más interesante de los últimos 80 años. Este segundo semestre del 2023 es crucial en el despertar mundial como sociedad… para dejar de ser una masa sin dirección. Aunque mejor dejamos de lado la palabra «despertar», ya que crea rechazo y […]

Maori Vs. Plandemic

(Spanish at the end) A judicial precedent for the rest of the world. Dr Reiner Fuellmich and a group of attorneys and scientists An international team of attorneys and scientists joined with the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. They will start legal proceedings to bring those who are responsible for the plandemic to justice. […]

Los Niños No Deberían Ser Padres

«Los Niños No Deberían Ser Padres» – se mire como se mire – Los niños no pueden ser padres desde un punto de vista biológico, pero con frecuencia asumen la tarea de ocuparse de las necesidades emocionales de sus padres. En el mismo sentido, muchos padres tienen dificultades para manejar su mundo emocional, porque interiormente […]

El cerebro humano y la incertidumbre

SÍNTESIS – RESUMEN – TEXTO COMPLETO SÍNTESIS El tema de hoy: EL CEREBRO HUMANO Y LA INCERTIDUMBRE Es posible abrazar la incertidumbre?… y estar bien con el «NO SABER»? La verdadera naturaleza de la vida es la incertidumbre, Y los seres humanos tenemos un cerebro que está diseñado para proteger e intenta anticipar y predecir […]

Stop World Control

STOP WORLD CONTROL Secrets of the United Nations An executive director of the United Nations reveals how they are a platform for criminals, who use the UN to abuse humanity for their own enrichment. WATCH! Monopoly – Who owns the world? A masterpiece documentary showing how almost everything on earth is owned by one […]