En este momento estás viendo Yawning into a New Age

Yawning into a New Age

Yawning towards a New Era.

Before waking up to a New Era, it is almost inevitable to go through a thick gloom.

In this confusing stage, between dream and reality, we need, more than ever, to hear your voice.

We need your voice, because your voice is special and unique in this world.
A unique sound, a unique light, a unique Being.
The chorus of the Universe is incomplete without your voice.

But keep in mind that those who are afraid to share their voice will do everything possible to silence yours.
You’ll meet friends and family who don’t know how to express their own voice, and they’ll feel threatened when you express your unique voice, because you’ll remind them that they don’t allow themselves to express their own.

They remain mesmerized in a narrative orchestrated from higher entities that ridicules and belittles anything that challenges or questions the beliefs that sustain their moral or intellectual superiority.

That social force pushes you to «belong in the silence of the masses», but you have the power within you to decide not to follow it.

Social media is the modern, semi-anonymous version of this force that attacks, censors, and judges your right to express your voice and question the hypnotic official narrative.
But you must remember that Being yourself is your birthright. When we repress our inner voice, it becomes a weight that we carry in our hearts.

Forget all the spiritual clichés that limit the freedom of your Being.
Deep down, you know that your Soul is eternal, that it was never born and it will never die. Your body is just an incredible vehicle that allows you to manifest your Self and navigate through this life.

It is not necessary to seek perfection, you are already perfect being as you are when you are connected to your true Self.

Experience the freedom to embrace your unique voice, respecting the rest of the voices around you.
That is the true people you belong to, your brothers and sisters fighting so that no voice is silenced.

Yes, it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth the effort to try one more time, and then again and again.
You’re not alone, no matter how you feel sometimes. Keep going by expressing your unique voice and sharing the tune of the unique voices around you.

Remember that no one finds their path without making many «mistakes» many times. Without faith we can miss the awakening when we had almost arrived.

May the New Year bring us all kind of gifts that touch our Hearts.

Happy Awakening in the New Year 2023!


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