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Training in Personal Constellations

Healing the Past, Transforming the Present.

The Knowing Field of Family Constellations applied to our Personal History.



Personal Constellations offer a profound healing experience that allows individuals to harmonize their personal history and transform their internal dialogues. As a Primal psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience, I have witnessed the remarkable power of Personal Constellations in balancing the emotional world of individuals.
In this article, we will explore the concept of Personal Constellations and how they can bridge the gap between Conventional Psychology and modern Transpersonal Psychotherapies.

Group Therapy for Personal Transformation:

Personal Constellations are conducted in a group setting and serve as a novel approach to healing. By working with the dynamics of our personal history, these constellations offer a unique opportunity to find meaning in life events and resolve the fragmentation caused by underlying traumas. Through this methodology, individuals can prevent, improve, and resolve a wide range of psychological and physical issues.

The Power of Face-to-Face Personal and Family Constellations:

While face-to-face constellations are ideal, it is also possible to conduct them remotely. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness may be slightly reduced in remote sessions.

Blind Constellations: Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality

Blind constellations are a unique feature of Family and Personal Constellations where only the facilitator and the individual seeking healing are aware of the specific issue being addressed.
Neither the representatives nor other participants have knowledge of the problem being explored. This ensures a high level of privacy and allows individuals to delve into their personal history without fear of judgment or exposure.

Complementary Approach to Family Constellations:

While Family Constellations focus on resolving issues within the family system, Personal Constellations complement this approach by harmonizing the inner dialogues of an individual’s personal history. By representing different stages of life using the «Knowing Field,» the same setting used in Family Constellations, Personal Constellations bring a deeper understanding and resolution to personal traumas and blockages.

Common Issues Addressed:

Personal Constellations have proven effective in addressing various psychological and physical problems, including:

  • Fatigue, hypertension, muscle, headache, or back pain
  • Depression, anguish, sadness, melancholy, existential emptiness
  • Schizophrenia, deep depressions, suicide attempts
  • Cancer, heart problems
  • Addictions and dependencies: drug addiction, alcoholism, anorexia, and more

Unlocking Transformation with Personal Constellations:

If you have undergone multiple Family Constellations and are still grappling with unresolved issues, Personal Constellations can provide the missing piece of the puzzle. By harmonizing the inner dialogues of your personal history, you can find profound healing and transformation.

About Angel Primal:

Angel Primal, a highly experienced Primal psychotherapist, has facilitated over 3000 Family and Personal Constellations from the Primal perspective since 2003. With his training in Personal Constellations since 2015, Ángel Primal brings a wealth of expertise and insight to guide individuals on their healing journeys.

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