En este momento estás viendo VIRUS: the nature of viral contagion is wrong

VIRUS: the nature of viral contagion is wrong


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July 31st, 2023

What if everything you’ve ever been told about viruses and the nature of viral contagion is wrong?

In my talk going LIVE TODAY for The End of COVID educational series, I share with you an explanation of contagious disease that you’ve never heard before, but which helps to resolve centuries old debates between those who believe that viruses are either «harmless» or «don’t exist,» and those who believe they are absolutely deadly disease agents, against which we need to be cowering in fear, periodically lock the world down over, and mandate billions of citizens around the world to take experimental mRNA vaccines. 

As many who follow my work already know, I’ve been speaking to the miraculous discovery of the human microbiome (which includes the trillions of nucleic-acid containing nanoparticles known as the virome) throughout my career, and am simply blown away by the implications of knowing that we are MORE viral, bacterial, fungal in our genetic makeup than human.

Sadly, the medical community — and certainly the mostly self-appointed health leadership of the world who wields ‘germ theory’ like a geopolitical weapon — haven’t a clue about this vitally important research.

Given the fact that viruses and most bacteria are not «other,» but actually aspects of our «self» (look at influenza as an example), it is no longer intellectually sound to consider as a primary cause of disease invisible particles «out there,» which we believe are constantly a threat, due to being exposed to an arbitrary cough or an un-wiped surface.

What I propose is something quite different, including an appreciation for how so-called viruses, which are often indistinguishable from the exosomes our bodies produce to promote health and well-being, are essential for carrying certain biological survival programs, without which no human would be alive today.

Moreover, even the symptoms of disease that are so feared — e.g. fever, malaise, a feeling of great sickness — are essential ingredients in the body’s self-healing process, and in some cases NOT getting sick, episodically, seasonally, can lead to even worse health outcomes, including cancer and heart disease related death.

Are you ready to dive into this exciting and empowering topic, and join me?

Make sure you register at The End of COVID and navigate to A New Health Story (Part 2), and select «A New Biophysical Paradigm.» 


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I hope you enjoy my presentation and the others today! And I would love your feedback, so feel free to respond to this message!

Warm regards

Sayer Ji,



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